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Technical Data Sheet Diesel Fuel Additive 1: 1000 


Transparent yellow-brown liquid Density (15 degrees): 0.96 g, / cc. Viscosity (20 degrees Celsius): 2.3 mm / sec


Combination of detergents, stabilizers, cetane number enhancer, anti-corrosion agents, demulsifier, homogeneity enhancers, lubricants and mineral oil biocides.

Description of the product:

Combined additive to diesel fuel to improve the fuel economy of diesel engines. The contained cetane booster increases the cetane number by up to 3 points, which improves the ignition process and ensures smooth engine operation. Improves combustion in diesel engines for better performance and reduced fuel consumption. Guarantees optimal DIN levels. Meets WWFC and international mineral oil manufacturers' requirements. Improves flowability at negative temperatures up to - 26C Contains cleaning agents for the following components: turbocharger, particulate filter, intake / exhaust valve, exhaust gas recirculation valve, injection valves and air meter. Prevents burning, as well as the accumulation of resins on the nozzle needles.


For regular use in diesel engines, to improve engine performance, power and extend engine life.


  • Increases cetane number by up to 3 points
  • Improves ignition
  • Improves flowability at negative temperatures up to 26C
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Permanently cleans injection nozzles and combustion chamber.
  • Reduces harmful emissions.
  • Reduces corrosion and wear.
  • Normalizes operating temperature.
  • Obstructs the foaming of the oil.

Protects against microbial contamination:

Specially designed for modern diesel engines containing Bio diesel.

Dosage: 1: 1000 recommended

Packaging: - 250 ml.


You kept it in a dry place at room temperature, accidental exposure to high temperatures is not a problem. Open packages should be stored properly as directed. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Shelf life 5 years. Empty empty packaging at designated locations.

  • Количество 250 ml
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